August 07 2020 marks the release of our third ensemble album, "Swan Songs III“. Unfortunately though, the appropriate release concert on this year’s M’era Luna Festival had to be cancelled, for reasons you all know. While the show at M’era Luna has been postponed to 2021, we don’t want to miss the opportunity to celebrate with you the release of our third acoustic long-player on August 08 at 07:00 pm (CEST).

This is why there will be a worldwide LIVE STREAM with a release concert where we, with our 14-piece Ensemble, will present many songs from the new album as well as several „Swan Songs“ classics. Just like you’re used to from our ensemble shows. Only without you in front of the stage. But instead with all of you from all over the globe, on your sofa at home.

Planning and performing such a streamed concert is extremely cost-intensive. With everything taken into account (fees for our ensemble musicians, equipment and crew for sound, light, stage, cameras, live edit, stream and administration, as well as rehearsals, location rent, ticket purchase system, travel and accommodation expenses), we’d end up at roughly € 15,000.00 , before we as a band earn even a single cent. This financial aspect makes it even more important for us, that as many of you as possible join in on this.

In order to enable students and people on a tight budget to also join us, we set the minimum price at € 15.00. However, you will have the opportunity to mark up the price at will, for example when you plan to watch the show as a group. The ticket price for a regular ensemble show normally clocks in at € 30.00 or more. With a whole year of concert fees missing, we are reliant upon this kind of support. Payment will only be possible via PayPal. If you don’t have it yet, sign up now. It’s really easy and safe!

We highly recommend pre-ordering Swan Songs III, so you can properly sing along at home on August 8th: http://lord-shop.de

Don’t let us celebrate on our own. Break down all borders and join in!

Stay healthy! All the best,